Giving back

SCRUBS for THEM wants to help … last year 2016, we selected 3 more future Nurses into our Sponsorship Program. Jessica, 2nd year RPN, Barbara, 2nd year RN program and Micheal, 2nd year RPN program. Scrubs for Them has now donated over $4000 in equipment and uniforms for these future Nurses.

Dress a Nurse Sponsorship Program … every year in September we select a few nursing students, RN’s or/and RPN’s into our Dress a Nurse Sponsorship Program. Any student in an RN or RPN program in any year can apply. To get into the program we require a letter from the student nurse explaining why they could use a helping hand from Scrubs for Them. After we review the letters, we award a few students access to the program. Once the student agrees to the rules and regulations of the program they will be issued their equipment and/or uniforms. Every year that they remain in the program, Scrubs for Them will help them out. We believe in you and what you do.


Rules and Regulations…click here.  Please drop off / mail your letter to Scrubs for Them or email to us at


Every year, Scrubs for Them and our customers donates half our sale to the CHEO telethon.  So far we have donated more than $8500.  We believe in giving back.