Graphic2Scrubs for Them can have help outfit your group with professional uniforms …

Getting Started …  Provide us with a budget, the size of your group and what type of uniform you are looking for.

Uniform Choices … We can bring samples and catalogues to you or you can come browse the store.  We are experienced in helping you chose the right uniform for your staff.  Employers can also allocate each staff member an allowance and have staff chose their own uniforms.

Fittings … Staff can be fitted at your location or ours.  We can fit you as a group or loan you what you need for sizing staff over a one week period.

Embroidery … Promote your brand by embroidering your logo on your uniforms.  Names and titles add to the professional image.  We work closely with you during this process.

Delivery … We will keep you informed of delivery dates and back orders.  Your orders will be separated by staff name.  We will deliver your local order to you or you can pick it up at our store.  Shipping is easily arranged for out of town orders.